The Reason It’s So Difficult to Find a Genuine, Professional Locksmith Nowadays

Contacting a locksmith for either emergency or non emergency work should be relatively straight forward, in fact in these modern times this task should be even easier than it used to be say, 15 or 30 years ago when people had to go and dig out their copy of the Yellow pages, Phonebook or one of those short lived local business directories but for some reason it isn’t.

Emergency Locksmith Bolton

People and businesses call on the services of a locksmith for a range of reasons, the most common being a individual who has lost or misplaced their house keys and then realise that they are locked out when they arrive home, this also happens a lot with vehicle owners losing car keys, locking the keys inside their vehicle or ending up miles away from the nearest town and finding out that the battery inside of their key fob or key card has run out of power, which happens more often than people think according to a number of auto locksmiths who we  spoke to when researching this article, sure, these small yet powerful Lithium batteries, the same ones used in watches, calculators etc are designed to last a long time, years in fact but in car key fobs and key cards they seem to run out of power much more quickly and always at an inappropriate time, never on your driveway where you can simply nip back in the house for your spare set or a replacement battery.[/caption]

Residential homeowners and businesses also call on the humble a locksmith for a range of other services, a range of services that is growing each year as more and more locksmiths undertake additional training to learn skills such as CCTV Installation, Burglar alarm installation, Door entry system installation and more learning these skills broadens the variety and scope of services but keeps them within the security industry as a whole.

Going back to the main theme of this article, shouldn’t finding a professional locksmith in modern times be much easier than it was before the internet came along? It should, but it isn’t and here’s why.

It may be easy to go online and search Google or browse Facebook to find a locksmith or auto locksmith to come out to you but finding a professional one who knows what they are doing and are in fact competent  isn’t so easy because the locksmith industry is completely unregulated, this means that anyone, without any training or certification, can set up a cheap website, usually using DIY systems such as WIX, Weebly or GoDaddy site builder, and/or place free ads on Facebook and other social media platform and tout for business, and because of this the locksmith industry as a whole is getting a bad reputation, a reputation where 8 out of 10 locksmiths seem to be unskilled rogues out to take their victims for every penny, this needs to change.

Can This Terrible Reputation Be Turned Around?

Contrary to what people might think it’s not the professional, genuine locksmith who needs to change, they are simply offering their services online and hoping potential customers choose them. It’s the customers themselves who need to be careful when choosing a traditional or auto locksmith online.

When doing a search on Google for an emergency locksmith people tend the search more local than they would do when searching for other businesses or services, this is because with an industry such as the locksmith industry a callout is usually involved and the person needing the call out, the customer, is typically stood outside of their house or vehicle and doesn’t want to be stood there waiting all day or all night for a locksmith to arrive from miles away. So someone needing a locksmith in Derby would usually search for locksmith Derby or emergency locksmith Derby to get the desired results, thinking that they would only get a handful of locksmiths to choose from, however, because the industry is unregulated the customer is given pages and pages of results showing companies and individuals all claiming to be professional locksmiths and all claiming to be situated in the area you searched no matter how small, neither of these statements are true, a city will commonly have 3 or 4 genuine locksmiths and a smaller town just 1 or 2 genuine locksmiths and it’s at this point where the customer can help by spending an extra 2 or 3 minute to visit websites and check out the locksmith to make sure that 1, they are professionally trained and 2, they are located where they say they are located.

To check whether a locksmith is genuine, check out their website, does it look professional; does it contain feedback from genuine clients? Remember! Feedback on a company site cannot always be trusted so check for a Google business page, if a website is genuine and well made it will have an outbound link to a Google account where you can see genuine reviews and feedback that are much harder to fake.

A genuine locksmith will also offer more than just an emergency callout service, the emergency callout is the amateur locksmith’s bread and butter, it’s the part of the industry that requires no training.  A professional will gain access to your home or vehicle using their skill and expertises and if possible using non destruction entry methods such as manual or digital lock picking or letterbox access tools, the amateur will still gain access but they’ll more than likely use a hammer, drill and a chisel, its not the gaining entry part that’s the skill, it’s how it’s done.

Another thing you’ll want to check is the locksmith’s location and office address, remember you are looking for a local address and local landline number if possible, although some independent locksmiths may only list a mobile number. If a locksmith website has no address then they are more than likely an unskilled amateur and don’t want their victims to know where they live, if they have an address but it’s at the other side of the country or miles away from you in a nearby city then they are probably a locksmith call centre, who are simple a middle man who’ll send out a local locksmith, usually an unskilled amateur, and then take a cut.

People using locksmiths can help cut the number of rogue engineers out there by being more careful when selecting which locksmith they use, if these unskilled amateurs stop getting calls then most of them will pack in and try a different profession, or get the training they need to do the job properly.

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